Ban System + Autofill

Hi I am here to talk about the ban system and autofill. I get autofill literly 40% of my games. I am not joking maybe even more if i play 5 games a day 2 of them i am autofulled. How am i uspposed to climb if i can't play my main role. RIOT YOU SHIT COMPANY FIX YOUR GAME! Now let's talk about the ban system. Everygame i am getting player which goes 4/16 and from the champ select bans my champion in rare cases he steals my lane and in game types "ff" "I go afk".but here is the BIGGEST PROBLEM: Theese players DON'T get BANNED, but I got banned many times because of typing ( saying my brainlet teammates what to do "go baron" "ss" "mid laner roaming" WHY ARE PLAYERS GETTING BANNED FOR DOING GOOD AND FOR WHAT IS THE MUTE OPTION RIOT GAMES UNTILL YOU DOn"T FIX AUTOFILL AND BAN SYSTEM THIS GAME WILL KEEP DYING one more thing i want to say RIOTERS YOU ALL CAN SUCK MY %%%% BAN MY ACCOUNT "KingMIk10" FOR NOTHING THINGS THAT YOUR SYSTEM USUALLY DOES Bye your ex-lol-player
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