A reason why most League community so toxic?

Don't get me wrong i am not upset with the fact that Most of League of legends community is so toxic , i am trying to find or identify a reason for it and a solution for riot to help with this For my experience with the game i loved Lol and enjoyed playing it for over about 7years now , yea i got tilted and screamed on that yasuo giving up going in every Lane executing himself to the enemy team , ofc it happened But why? The most acceptable answer may be passion It might be too much like having an S with a champ to get a chest earning a chance to get a free skin then realizing the lack of key fragment that made the effort almost useless as that person needs to wait to get enough fragments of a key to open chests , not instant joy Maybe Or simply getting bored and find no passion to win a game that you just got in as you got tired of these champion shards from chests and rarely appearing keys These might be some problems The try and reward might not be enough rewarding to the player I understand lol is a free game and these may be risks at the cost of profit earning **BUT** , lol is great in something that is , upgrading and evolving with time , they didn't ever give up on anything , they could simply take these rework projects and throw them to the community as new champions but they didn't , they made it reworks to make a champion fitting this era That's why i love Lol as a game , also when they started making missions , it was amazing , a reason to try like first win to make me Lvl up earlier and get that juciy capsule to get me a nice amount of BE You did something made the community turn a bit from toxic to challenging , the Vs event of garen and darius , pick a side one of them will win and get specific missions based on the side picked For me i saw much less toxic players in that time of the event cuz no matter you win or lose it counts your kills , gold ,etc , then you higher the challenge by winning a game You see this riot? , Yes you can drive the community to what you want , to be challenging by making missions rewarding you even after what ever you do , or just making a mission that might be hard for not an acceptable reward for it If you made something like a secret reward like if someone kept losing he will get BE capsule out of the blue with a message like "the darker the night brighter the stars" or something, keep the guy going as a matter of fact he is queued with people low in "experience" vs some lvl 300 dudes and gold or plat like what the hell? " A serious problem btw i wish you consider" That's from my own point of view based on what i saw throw the years Here is an idea For example kayle and morgana or demacia and sylas If you made some Vs missions like pick a side from those and a very quick description for what the dude is picking starting missions and challenging ones like "take down an enemy garen 2 times as sylas or lux Or destroy turrets" this will be super challenging for the summoners and will get you even more player to try it out The cool twist her is to turn the mission after it ends to a **STORY LIKE MISSIONS**. Like say morgana vs kayle , kayle winsat the end based on pickers count , after like couple of weeks morgana is back with even more missions and stories , striking two objects with a single stone you didn't kill the passion of missions or the losing previous part , and made the player find stories entertaining and interesting , say the secound time they draw or morg wins for story reasons then a new mission comes , the point of this is to make the player feel like these champions are living there life tasks and challenges which may collid with other champions When the battle royal became a thing and you didn't know what to do , riot , you made "blitz map" out of the blue WHICH WAS SUPER AWSOME BTW! , Having 1map with a load of tasks and missions happening occasionally throw out the game was reLly fun , having my friends back picking like Yi and karthus and morgana in a hope that will get mini urf challenge or that new brawl , you made something very very right here For me blitz map is more entertaining than URF map , having random challenges throw the game that challenges my skills is better than a whole mode about smashing my face into the keyboard for 20min straight or being killed by 1 trick malph in it šŸ˜ƒšŸ˜‚ I love you riot , this Post isnt anyway near blaming you on anything and i love how you keep trying method to win us and (trying to make the community less toxic ) is really touching move from you to do , in my opinion i wont care that's what the people did to them selves i just present my product to them , you updating the report system and ban to be fair and this stuff Keep on going forward You will do it. EDIT: my idea of based on lore Vs missions is to make something that feels legit and normal to have in lol That possibly can be back or be permanent missions even
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