How to deal with ingame stress

Hello, I was wondering how do you all deal with stress and mental harrasment in this game. I was playing this game since season 3 but never actually experienced any problems until now. My life has slightly changed over the past years so my behaviour did too. I was always 'the good guy' who chills everyone else and says there's always chance to win if your nexus is still at it's place. However now I'm barely a shadow of myself from the past. I get mad or tilted easily and the guy who sometimes sees no victory chance at all. For example - I'm playing as Swain and got everything working fine, have the highest farm ingame before 10th minute. Then something changes. An unexpected gank from enemy jungler that's no scared diving at all. He kills me under turret with 5 hp or so left and the enemy midlaner takes the kill. After that I'm like "OK, unlucky I gonna make sure it won't happen again". Ofc I'm wrong. Enemy junglers comes again but this time I'm prepared so I use my ult. What happens? He dives me again but this time no kill. Right after enemy midlaner writes to me "Don't worry I will kill you anyway ;)". It surprises me so I write "We will see ;)" to him. Of course he manages to do it somehow. At this point my teammates start to flame me and my mind is completely destroyed. I can't focus and farm properly, get tilted everytime I could have get a kill but somebody steal it or the target survives with low hp. It's like snowball - it gets even worse one time after another. It's possible for me to get back from this state of mind but usually the game is already over because I couldn't do anything entire match. Do you guys have such problems? How do you deal with em? I know I can mute both enemies and allies but I feel like they're bots if I do it. I just don't wanna play without talking with anybody but I also can't play without them muted cause they might destroy me mentally.
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