Being reported for trying your best...

Hi there, i just wanted to say that some players like me run into the same issue... We might suck at this game for people in gold and higher. And I don't denie it. What I dislike is players rage at us when it's clearly not our fault. Yes we might help to our loss because we aren't good enough, but we didn't pretend to be carries. I m someone who is playing fill all the time because I m not supper good at any lanes. And no matter what lane I take I m being treated badly because I m not carrying them. So I decided to play fill and try my best to help my teammates get kills and WIN this game no matter what. But today I played an other ranked game, and I was bot. Not my best lane but I know I can still do some things... Top jungle and mid badly fed the horse jungle. Then this jungle decided to come and camp bot. I didn't feed him at all. I died 2 times out of the 4/5 ganks. Then vayne was in front enough to take me down. I build some attack speed and lifesteal. That was my plan. Not a lot of damage.. yes.. but that was because I was thinking more of being able to stay alive longer vs the horse who almost one run me. (Run +Rune boost = almost one run shot.) The entire team were behind and it seemed we lost more... but I got raged at and people pinging my lifesteal item. A lot of times. And raging at me. Which led me to be in a mood of not being too focused.. Those 2 feeders (-jungle) and support kept raging at me for being useless and costing them the game... (And those 3 ended up reporting me) Why do you do this to people who try to help... why do you do this just because you lost your lane so you want to blame someone who you know sucks more than you but still managed to not feed and get to keep playing safely? Anyway... I really do think something need to be done... I know it's a hard topic but maybe a little video of: "the difference between trolls and players with less experience." Or maybe a report button with "rage". And can be classified as a raging player.
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