Dear Riot, a not on player behavior.

Dear Riot, a note on player behavior: League of Legends is an awesome game, no question, and it’s also one of the most, if not the most popular multiplayer game there is. However, League is also known to have one of the most toxic player-bases of any game, if someone actually knows what League is, chances are they also know that League is extremely toxic, this reputation, however, is no excuse to allow the toxicity to run rampant. Edit: When I say toxic behavior, I mean the over the top harassment and insults, telling people to %%% or that you hope their family dies of cancer ect, ect… Now, I understand to an extent why people get salty, and flame and are generally toxic toward each other, I’ve experienced it myself, League is a game based on teamwork and skill, and when you get a team mate who is inexperienced or is maybe just having a bad game, it generally means you’re going to lose that game, people do not like losing and they do not like having no control over the situation that is causing them to lose, they get angry and frustrated and they express that anger. Of course, you also often get individuals who are just less than decent human beings, who are toxic and flame for the sake of it, if you have played League, you’ve experienced this… Just because there are reasons for the behavior and it can be explained logically does not mean that it is acceptable, or that it can’t be curbed to some extent by the developers. I am not trying to imply that Riot is doing nothing about the issues, I would like to believe that they are, however, whatever they are doing is not working: Play a few matches, whether its normal or ranked, you are guaranteed to experience some level of toxicity, or you could take 30 seconds and scroll through the Player Behavior sub board, of any region, and see post after post of people who have experienced that toxicity, whatever Riot is doing is not enough, it is not working. As much as I like a good rant, complaining without attempting to solve the issue is just whining, so, here are some suggestions. The honor system has just been reworked, why not rework the reporting system, make it so that if a player is reported it reflects in their profile, and the more they are reported, the more negatively it affects them (maybe they earn less IP per match for example). Make the feedback/punishment system more visible, so that those of us who are reporting can see that we are not just wasting our time and being ignored, and that those who flame, troll or are otherwise toxic can see that there are indeed consequences. Add pregame reporting option for those “mid or feed” people, an in-game system could work too, imagine a combination of a vote-to-kick and the remake mechanic. If a player is reported, give them a notification saying so, in the same way people are given notifications when they are honored. These are just suggestions, I’m not a developer or a moderator so they may well be out of the scope of possibilities, the point is that something needs to be done that actually works… If you took the time to read this wall of writing, thank you. If someone at riot actually see’s this, please guys, do something, your awesome masterpiece of a game is being ruined by this.
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