Your among the 0.5% of the people that should be banned

while i was here for couple of hours i saw thounds of threads about this ban system ,,,, 3/4 of the people here are complaning that they got banned i dont understand that 0.5% thing is that should make me feel bad ? i dont believe that iam a flamer but there is some rage moments when someone abuse u so hard i just cannot hold myself this system will bring riot to the ground,,, they think banning people is a solution it will just grow more hatness to this community and the game itself if u think a 14 day ban and a premaban will keep people from flaming riot is so wrong then they just think about some decent punishments i played most of moba game and they dont have this stupid premaban... well after my ban ends i will remove Enter and T ... i know thats tacky but i dont have any other choice this fear that i have that after 3 years and money spent and time and i will just get banned ? well i just hope i dont get reported for refusing to commincate with the team..
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