Fix your stupid matchamking and MMR crap for ffs

I go 10/4 my team: Yi with constant 300 ping 12/14 Ashe ADC without brain 1/13 Lux full AP support 12/11 Irelia top 6/13 Every %%%%ing time I get some brainless shitheads that fail at using mouse and keyboard. Fix your stupid matchamking, If I would just play 1 %%%%ing game per day I would not be able to get anywhere, cause of idiots. 1 win the like 3 to 5 loses, then one win again, no matter what I do and how good I play there is only one way and its way down to b5 cause of %%%%ing %%%%%%ed kids that can't even play and go ranked for some odd reason instead of vs AI or blind pick where they can %%%%ing troll and feed to their heart content. Fix your stupid matchamking. Here is your crappy and poorly implemented MMR in action: *removed by moderator* He got silver somehow despite being bronze all his life and now will feed in rankeds till he gets to his usual bronze 4 - 5 level and there is just tons of players like him that should not have MMR they got.
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