Regarding to Solo Queue~

Hi everyone, I would like to talk about the wave of remakes/leavers/high ping/afk people that are like literally hitting EUNE server,what is going on with this game,it wasen`t like this before,why do i have to get people who don`t even know what they are doing in the game,why do i always have to struggle to climb no matter how good the team is doing, there is always 1 afk/leaving the game/DC and never recconect/feed or just pick something stupid and drag us down from the beggining even if the team is explaining to him "mate that`s not going to go well if you do that pick" people don`t care,they are just killing time 1 2 hours in the afternoons,i had literally 4 games i can`t believe what kind of people i have been queued up with :))) i was like totally blown away of how can some people destroy a game in like 10 minutes :)).I would love to see that tribunal system back i would soo soo soo love and appreciate it you can`t even imagine.I`m in shock believe me!
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