Banning player so you dont play with him anymore in future

Just as the title say, is this possible to introduce, so if you ban player, you won't play with him anymore in future. Im tired of people, who start trolling for no fcking reason. I just got a game, where we were like 20kills ahead. Its gold tier so dont expect to end that game fast (greed, no vision etc.). Suddenly blitzcrank decide to sit in base for 10min, becouse he didnt get blue buff, but instead it was given to 16/4 Jayce. No1 inslut him. I just start to talk with him why he decide to fck 3 guys in team becouse 1 player didnt do what HE wanted. He just said, that he dont give a damn fck, its his second acc anyway and sit in base for 10min. Enemy jinx finally get feed and destroy us. Now, I would LOVE to ban him, so i wouldnt play with him anymore in future. I know that this is Q_Q thread, but im just tired of people, who decide to screw 30min of game just becouse some1 didnt do what they wanted.
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