Riot, Ban-phrases and Ban-words are still popping up alerts, right?

To start this off.. THIS IS ABOUT A NORMAL DRAFT GAME, which i haven't done before. But this time i think i should spell it out there.. SO.. On a saturday afternoon I decided to play Akali (because i wanted to). []( I picked her into Irelia which is stupid (YES I KNOW) but i didn't want to go back on it. Nonetheless i farmed up nice and poked her with Q and stayed in her cs range.. around 10-15 behind at all times. (which wouldn't happen if i got to play vs higher tiers i know) Right before i wanted to do my first back my ward ran out and i got cheeseganked by elise when Gragas just left top. (FYI: he wanted to "gank" irelia with 2 waves near her own tower at lvl 4) I died there giving Irelia a kill lead. As i am not an akali main and this was my second game on her i tried to test my damages and limits. Once i was 6 i figured, i'm gonna pull it out here and try to get her low which ended up in 0-2. That moment i asked my jungler for a gank, when he started shittalking me.. that i was "trash" and "noob", 'nice feed', you know how it is.. After that Irelia was obviously gonna be a big part in the game and started to roam while i tried to farm up. And she did her job and snowballed bot. Meanwhile i took top and made a tp play that got us 3 kills and me 3 assists. Nonetheless we were still far behind. Still getting called names by gragas and soraka.. I ignored it, took second tier top and bot while they were fighting cuz i had gotten strong enough to 1v1 anyone aside from irelia. Late game gragas told me to hang myself.. while they were doing elder drake and i went to baron cuz i noticed elises spiderlings (i did scuttle crab before) I delayed their baron while we took elder and killed 2.. ending up in us taking 2 inhibitors. (enemy team took baron cuz i chased lucian and ziggs) I pretty much won the game late there even after being called names and suggested that i'd kill myself. TO MAKE MY POINT.. If Riot made a reporting system with banphrases and word notifications.. Then why isn't this gragas banned yet? I mean i can understand restrictions and a week ban for being toxic.. but asking ppl to kill themselves should result in an instant permaban. I have been annoying and 'toxic' before.. I've lost an account before because i called ppl out on bad plays.. But i never said such things.. This was just disgusting to watch knowing as a main jungler that this gragas wasn't even remotely 'decent'. Always being late, misjudging ults, missing E's.. And i have to kill myself cuz i play an out of meta champ for the second time, losing early due to a gank and a missplay afterwards ending up winning them the game cuz i killed the 2 carries late game with 40 second deathtimers? lmao.. Oh well, <3 done my weekly story but i tihnk Riot should permaban ppl saying such things immediatly!
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