a thought about toxicity

i'll use some arguments someone already said to try to illustrate a point i know that there are a lot of toxic players among the community that think alike, so i believe that this could be somewhat educative (yeah sure..) "If you all have problems with toxicity, why dont you try to eliminate the cause of it, the feeders/trolls?" first off, that is not the cause, that is your excuse for being toxic second, everybody can feed from time to time, that shouldn't give you the right to flame third, regarding to trolls, i almost never witnessed someone flame an obvious troll.. because it's obvious he is trolling so anyone with 2 grams of brain knows that by flaming him you're falling in his trap, achieving nothing, only adding noise and confusion what i witness instead, in every match where flaming is involved, is this player A misplay or just don't play the way player B wants him to play player B, being this little kid that can't handle frustation (right, you can use the term snowflake, since you all like to misuse it), starts to blame/flame/vent frustation in chat about that player A may a) respond back to flame, b) start to soft troll in the worst case, or c) be a mature guy and continue playing at his best "It's a competitive game and if sb intentionally ruins your fun, why cant you tell him what you think?" because it won't do anything to improve the game, but only starts the scenario illustrated above so, man up, don't be a kid and play the f*ing game without chatting bullshit your teammates don't need to listen to or, just get reported and eventually banned you can choose to enjoy the game like an intelligent player, or being a kid that use the game to fight ppl in a chat
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