Now let's talk about afk's (again)

So, recently I decided to play aram again. I hoped to enjoy some 5v5 clash with exciting action on the howling abyss. But things are far from enjoyable in aram (still in 2018). Like almost every game I have an afk. But the point is, that is not really the problem. The real problem is that afk people get away with it so easily. The IFS just puts you in a 20 minute queue, which for me feels like a holiday. Waiting 20 minutes before a game, so you can sit back, relax, do something right before the game starts like eating something, enjoy a snack or w/e. Now many of you share the common argument that most of the time the person who's afk is not in control of it and I agree. But it is downright annoying and it ruins the game more than a toxic person. I play to win games (I hope that is an ok reason for you). But addressing this issue also makes me kinda afraid, that many of you don't really support a more solid solution. Riot should sharpen the afk leaverbuster with something more dynamic, instead of putting people on holiday-mode before they enter the queue. Lot of people just ragequit or simply quit because they are bored and be like: ''idc, I will enjoy the 20 minute queue anyway by doing something in the meanwhile'' I remember my very first warning from Riot saying something like ''leaving games results in a negative experience for your teammates'' and then you have type ''I agree'' (not sure if it's the same with this, because it also works with the toxicity warning as well). But I don't feel punished at all with the leaverbuster. Heck, I even don't feel warned. I hope you people feel the same way about this issue, as it really destroys the fun in competitive gameplay for me in this game. Have a nice evening!
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