I just had the worst experience of toxicity in my entire life.

im playing this game for a long time(season 2)and ive never seen so much toxicity in just 1 game,i was udyr jungle and shit's started when my support chose to invade ofc the invade was kinda meh cuz we killed 2 and 2 of us died while we burnt lots of summs after that i got gangbanged in the river by enemy jg and botlane then the first toxic attacks came on me then they gangbanged me again on my jungle(and i failed flash :/)and since then for 30 min i had ppl being extremely toxic for damn everything,i had literally 5 ppl blaming me for each an every thing that happened in the game i couldnt gank anyone cuz i was behind and enemies were basically stronger than me so i had to cs,i could mute them all and simply play but i rl wanted to see how far they'd go they kept calling me autistic boosted bronze player and that i'd get perma,i managed to get herald and split push getting all top turrets inh and 1 nexus turret while they kept flaming me.i made this thread cuz i just wanted to share this dumb story of how toxic some ppl can be i reported all of them hoping they will get punished for their attitude. btw im not saying i was the perfect player and the rest were bad i made mistakes too but cmon we are only human. {{sticker:sg-janna}} STOP BLAMING THE JUNGLER FOR YOUR OWN MISTAKES. {{sticker:sg-shisa}} {{sticker:darius-angry}} thanks for reading this guys. Peace! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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