And another game lost, because the jungler plays KNOWING he has a 500 ping.

He even laughed about it in the chat, joking how his connection was bad for the last few days. Tell me something people: If I go toplane with AP Garen, and towerdive at lvl 2, despite knowing beforehand that this will give firstblood, I think a large part of the community would agree that I am trolling. If I do that continuously, and even joke about it in the chat, while ruining game after game for other people, I will get reported, and I will get punished...and rightfully so. But: Someone who knows that his connection is simply not enabling him to play this game, can log into as many games as he wants, ruin them, and joke about it...and he cannot be touched? Because technically, he didnt go afk...but for all intents and purposes he was worse than an afk, because afks don't give away free kills, or soak up farm. Please tell me...why is that? Why do we have to tolerate this? That guy KNEW that his connection wasn't working, even BRAGGED about it, and played ranked anyway. What can be done about such people?
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