Troll - Promotion.

Good day. I know this may sound stupid as I am only bronze 5 but this is no less disheartening as I aspire to climb the ladder and divisions like any other summoner who invests sometime into this game. I was on 88LP, won my game (10/0) with Vayne and reached the 100LP prerequisite where I was also given a 'free win' for my promotions. Therefore, I entered into my next promotional, where I chose Vayne again... Only to have a summoner say 'I hate all of you guys' (for no reason) and ban Vayne. On purpose. This summoner then said 'I am going to troll this game. Lol. lol. lol. lol.' etc. This was truly just nasty. I have seen YouTube clips from pros advising to rather skip this game and incur the penalty as the loss just isn't worth it. This is exactly what I did. Only to realize that incurring this penalty also meant that I 'lost' (without actually playing) a promotional game. I went onto play the following game where I had a really horrible team, and despite it, received a 16/7 with Wukong but lost in the end. Therefore, I lost my shot at promotions. I understand that I can work my way back up, I understand that we all get poor teams in promotions... My third and final loss, although I was gutted by it at the time, I still understand as all the players tried. That, I will take. That is bronze 5, everyone has a bad game. Many just lack basic game knowledge. It is the previous game, however, that I found truly unfair. I have someone who deliberately bans the champion I intended to take, who said they were going to troll the game. I incur the penalty, and I lose a promotional. Is there anything at all that can be done about this? Has anyone ever experienced a similar problem? Sigh, Thanks. - Just as an update to this, I earned my promotion games again. 1 win, 1 loss, I played balls to the walls in my last one and I managed to carry my team to a tight victory. I got through to bronze4. Hopefully, I can continue to climb.
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