To end the "5 ascension premade problem"

Edit: Appearently they got unbanned . ( which they don't deserve) My point still stands . You "forced" this upon Riot . Take a second of your day to refresh your memory on what GRIEFING means . Don't want to ? Ahh that's fine here you go ; A griefer is a player in a multiplayer video game who deliberately irritates and angers other players within the game, using ASPECTS of the GAME in UNINTENDED ways. Riot never planned the mechanic of not being able to buy items unless you die to let the enemy team never kill you . So please , stop blaming riot for banning them . If you go by the mindset that Riot made the mechanic so it's their fault THEN it's also their fault for people getting gags for flaming in the chat because they made the chat option . You're all playing with a losing debate , they won't just remove the ban , because then they will have to unban multiple people as well . #freetyler1
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