How Riot destroys my account.

For real? That's a reason for 10 chat restriction? Are you kidding me? Come on. Game 1 Pre-Game isindarcyne: yea isindarcyne: xd isindarcyne: they ap as well In-Game isindarcyne: POLAAAAAND isindarcyne: xd isindarcyne: nein isindarcyne: i mute you isindarcyne: right now isindarcyne: gj isindarcyne: gj bogt isindarcyne: bot* isindarcyne: mid ss isindarcyne: for god sake isindarcyne: gg isindarcyne: morde 4 ganks isindarcyne: lb 1 gank isindarcyne: gg isindarcyne: gg kata isindarcyne: im afk isindarcyne: bb isindarcyne: why are u camping in base isindarcyne: gragas isindarcyne: gg isindarcyne: gragas gg isindarcyne: report this grag for inting isindarcyne: please isindarcyne: GG isindarcyne: gg this team isindarcyne: some people cant even get carried isindarcyne: and bot? isindarcyne: this gragas isindarcyne: i cant understand why isindarcyne: come isindarcyne: omg isindarcyne: ok just surr isindarcyne: stop wasting my time isindarcyne: on this nonsense isindarcyne: kata is sleeping also isindarcyne: im afk isindarcyne: bb isindarcyne: +1 jhin isindarcyne: go f urself grag isindarcyne: lmao isindarcyne: go uinstall isindarcyne: can we jjust surr isindarcyne: ? isindarcyne: nah u suk isindarcyne: not the game isindarcyne: bg

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