Riot do you call this a Fair game ? And please Help.

Well people in the euw Hello , Im the seconde Euw Volibear , Plat elo , with 1m2 Points as mastery champ on voli , i played a random game with a guy then after the game he Gifted me Udyr spirit Guard Skin and then he invited to replay again and i didnt refuse or anything i accepted the replay and after that he gifted me mecha malphite ... Guess what today ? Perma Bann to my account cause of the skins that he gifted me from are just some Hacked Rp , So please Riot games do you even see this fair ? what did i do ? just tell me 1 single reason what did i do ? totally nothing and you just banned a Fan of this game , Anyway Good luck to you Guys and never let anyone gift a skin no matter what it is , the problem is i didnt ask him to gift me or anything so , any tips or help for what should i do and thanks to you all for listening {{champion:106}}
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