I need help with a player.

I got chat restriction for something that i wouldnt take as bad as getting chat restricted. So i was in a game support with shen i guess you can see my chat in that game . anyways twitch went afk and i said fckk twitch,stfu noob to gragas, noob, %%%%%%,pls cry more kid, i knew that was offensive but i didnt got chat restricted for way bad things and a gragas in that game was flaming me so much and he didnt got chat restricted. Gragas called me a piece of shit and a usless %%%%%% and he just spammed in chat with AHHAHAHAHHAHAHAH %%%%%% KID whenever i said report gragas for flame please. The thing i am mad about is taht i got chat restricted for saying only "fck twitch" and gragas didnt got anything for calling me a %%%%%% kid and a piece of shit and a noob usless feeder . I guess i can o nly say i kinda deserve the chat restriction for saying fck twitch but he doesn t derserve chat restriction for that ? like wtf riot. Oh and only gragas reported me for verbal abuse but i and fizz reported him and still NOTHING. His name is: [redacted].
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