Can't go a game without someone being verbally abusive.

Whether it's towards me, teammates or the enemy team; somebody in EVERY game of league I play has to be toxic. I know we all know that League doesn't have the best community but this game has gone from me playing alone to me refusing to play the game if i'm not in a 5 man pre-made just due to the fact people are so horrible. I'm getting really sick of having to mute people all the time and if I mute my team I tend to do worse because I do not have that communication. I have started to play other games and Overwatch is starting to take over my League obsession but I love league, it is one of my favourite games! Reporting people does nothing now, people never get punished at all! What can I do on my part to stop people being toxic? I try being nice but most of the time it ends up with me muting them.
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