Improving Behaviour

So, over my time playing League, I have been very toxic at times and have been given multiple chat restrictions. Don't worry this isn't a "I got banned for no reason post but here's the evidence to show why I got banned". In fact it's quite the opposite. Now I know there's loads of players who flame and receive punishments but I have to say, as a player who's been on the wrong side of the tracks, toning down the toxicity and praising other players and just simply ignoring someone who flames has actually helped me lots. I haven't sworn in a few days while playing it which how I do outside of league is a bit like 2nd nature to swear while talking... I'm not sure as to why I do but I think it just helps empathise my statements. Anyway, to try and climb that rickety ranked ladder I decided to knuckle down on a role I hadn't been playing a lot of which as a support main was to try ADC to help me get a better understanding of a lane where you need to think and work as one unit. Granted I've been playing lots of matches as Jhin who as most of us are aware is very broken upon purchasing Stormrazors edge, but if it helps you win, I'm not going to complain. My point is, is that since changing my play style and my mind set I've feel that when I play and win it's more rewarding, I feel more accomplished when we win a match because I helped be a part of it. Doing so I got my Honor Level 2 back which took a while due to the chat bans. I'm not saying I still don't annoyed at times when I'm playing but I feel that I can manage it better which overall makes me feel better as a player and a team mate. Bottom line, this is positive improvement post that I hope others may consider trying out. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}

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