Lose lane -> Get blamed & negative chat aimed at you, 100% of the time

I just had a very unpleasant game as Jax top. I was gonna take my usual toplaner (Pantheon) but I noticed the enemy had locked in Cho'Gath and I know that Pantheon is quite weak against Cho, so I wanted to play Jax in that situation as I think he's slightly better against tanks than Pantheon with his kit. The enemy top laner took Teemo, however, so I was wrong, and Cho'Gath was mid. Once the game begun, Teemo proceeded to zone & deny the hell out of me and pushed 24/7 - including poking me constantly under my tower. He got firstblood on me under my tower, I tried to escape but the last tick of poison killed me. This is me playing my best and I didn't know what I could do differently. He was hitting me everytime I tried to lasthit a creep. After Teemo got 1-0, our bot laner started complaining, saying 'omg don't feed Teemo' etc... Anyway once I got back to lane he kept poking all my life every time I tried to farm... Bleh. :/ I pinged for assistance once but our Lee Sin seemed to be ignoring toplane. Somewhere around this point, our midlaner started flaming me because my farm was so bad. I tried to explain that Teemo was just killing me when I tried to farm, and got told to stfu. Then Amumu (the enemy jungler) came top and dived me with the Teemo. I'm just stressed and tired out from this game. It seems like when you win, there's no positive feedback from team mates. When you lose, people start calling you names and report calling. What can I do differently? I feel too tilted to play again today. And this experience seems very common. I even started paying my WoW subscription again a few days ago and plan to get into that again because it's a lot more relaxing/ enjoyable & much less stressful than League. It isn't even the toxicity that bothers me, it's the attitude of blaming somebody for losing a lane when they're trying their best. I could understand if I was getting flamed when I was making obvious mistakes... If you're reading this and you're the type of person who gets stressed and starts complaining at and flaming a team mate for losing their lane, I beg you, stop. I understand why you flame/ blame, but it's a really inefficient way to deal with the situation. It just tilts and stresses the person more, and isn't deserved at all unless the person genuinely isn't making an effort in their gameplay. People lose lanes. Get over it. LCS players lose lanes hard. Pro streamers feed the hell out of their enemies every day. It just happens sometimes. Even the best footballers in the world lose matches. If everyone won at everything they did 100% of the time... Well that's impossible because for someone to win, an opponent has to lose! @Riot, you have to take some other sort of measures to encourage positivity in players. Simply punishing toxicity clearly isn't working... Everyone just seems to have become more passive aggressive, sarcastic, negative, & rude, and they know they can behave this way without punishment. What about more reward systems for friendliness, or some initiative in champion select to get players interested in each other and form a rapport, voluntarily of course. Honestly when you think about it psychologically, 'This is another human being who I have things in common with' goes miles further than 'I need to play with this random person for the next 40 minutes'. When we start to put names, personalities, and humanity to that 'SexyVayne420YOLOxxx' person, we stop seeing them as a random piece of text on the internet, and begin thinking of them as a fellow human being. It's certainly true that in the real world we wouldn't act so negatively torwards people for small mistakes that people flame for in LoL, because it's so easy to forget that there are 9 other living human beings in every game with you, and think of them just as bits of text or pixels floating on a monitor... Anyway sorry to be a whiner, but I just felt the need to express this frustration. [How I feel right now](http://i.imgur.com/Lwo0CTF.gif)
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