I got perma for no reason

account name :ylw203 When i got suspension i turned off all chat and remained non-toxic but it looks like riot bans people for talking too much which i think is stupid. I see my other friends say all kinds of nasty things such as k.y.s etc and they dont even get a chat restriciton. I think i deserve a unban thats all. LOGS:Game 1 Pre-Game ylw203: tol ylw203: pto ylw203: p ylw203: top ylw203: to ylw203: pt ylw203: op ylw203: top ylw203: fisr top ylw203: zavor mid first ylw203: look at chat ylw203: Zavor123: mid ylw203 xNSDx : top NebunulBa: MID ylw203 xNSDx : to ylw203 xNSDx : pt ylw203 xNSDx : op ylw203 xNSDx : top ylw203 xNSDx : fisr top Zavor123: mid first ylw203 xNSDx : zavor mid ylw203: no ylw203: you reported ylw203: and no change ylw203: <3 ylw203: look nex time ylw203: im top ylw203: .... In-Game ylw203: zed isnt a jungler ylw203: and i need gank ylw203: its over ylw203: nlw ylw203: now ylw203: he won lane ylw203: too late ylw203: dud ylw203: he got skarl 1 sec ylw203: he was so low ylw203: and im not noob ylw203: you go fkin zed jg ylw203: are you insane ylw203: lol ylw203: zed is midlane ylw203: no ylw203: jg ylw203: i blame you for this game ylw203: 0 ganks ylw203: not a real jg ylw203: ff15 ylw203: we lose ylw203: gg ylw203: i got no ganks ylw203: you? ylw203: im mundo againts keld ylw203: kled ylw203: op toplaner ylw203: you cant kill that champ ylw203: too op ylw203: why no surr ylw203: ...... ylw203: yas press no ylw203: i know it ylw203: you being fed ylw203: wont do anything for us ylw203: dont be that confident ylw203: cuz you got fed to a heimer digner ylw203: who is obivously new ylw203: to the game ylw203: ff 20 ylw203: yas pressing no wont do a thing ylw203: yep im new to him ylw203: i thought i had better hp regen to kill him ylw203: but youre still muted and reported for negative zed ylw203: np <3 ylw203: now some1 wont press yes ylw203: of course ylw203: thats how this works ylw203: malph didnt prees yes now ylw203: and yas prsssed no ylw203: how nice ylw203: they premade ylw203: definetly ylw203: xD ylw203: maplh pressed yes first time so we can think that we can ff 20 min ylw203: xDDDD ylw203: i read you trollers like a book ylw203: you getting both report ylw203: enjoy ylw203: maplh afk and troll yas troll ylw203: simple ylw203: rep malph sitting in foutnain for 3 min and dont want to surr and troll ylw203: enjoy youre chat restriction or maybe suspesnion or perma idk Game 2 Pre-Game ylw203: mid ylw203: mid ylw203: mid ylw203: mid ylw203: dmi In-Game ylw203: E ylw203: eh ylw203: thats all you gotta press to kill me ylw203: felssbadman ylw203: u2 m8 ylw203: wow ylw203: i inted ylw203: you win lane congrats ylw203: nice fight ylw203: AHAHHAHAAHH ylw203: lolololo ylw203: nice one kha xD ylw203: XDDDDDDD ylw203: nah ylw203: you did good ylw203: smart smart ylw203: can u pls rep kayn ylw203: hes talking shit and toxic ylw203: damn ylw203: close ylw203: thank you good sir ylw203: ss ylw203: eh broken akali ylw203: shouldnt have done that much dmg ylw203: yas is fed guys ylw203: too much ylw203: we should ff ylw203: nice hook thresh ylw203: didnt think you would see me ylw203: report for what? ylw203: i didnt int ylw203: jjust bad this game ylw203: aint doing well ylw203: ye ylw203: hes just better than me ylw203: aint nothing to it ylw203: yuumi chill ylw203: damn ylw203: gg ylw203: fun game <3 ylw203: fountain ylw203: fellsbadman ylw203: im just having a bad day thats all ylw203: really bad day ylw203: xD ylw203: gg ylw203: gj yas ylw203: fun round Post-Game ylw203: gg ylw203: can u pls rep yummi ylw203: for saying im braindead ylw203: thats negative attidute ylw203: tbh ylw203: chill ylw203: i know ylw203: i throw shuriken and if i press e again i go to them ylw203: eh went for stupid attemps ylw203: but no reason to call me braindead ylw203: xD ylw203: just chill and go next ylw203: have a nice report ylw203: gg ylw203: wp

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