What is going on with the game?

Hello! I have some arguements about the game / community in general and I want your guys opinions about it, I'm not here to flame, just wanna know what you guys think about it, cause to me.... the game..... let's say... it changed alot since I played here and there since Season 3. 1. In alot of games I see AP-champs instead of an ADC because ADC are so behind right now and even if they go "AD" it's Yassuo or something. 2. Que-times are atleast 3 minutes for me, every single game if I don't que as a support. 3. Back in the days when there was some sort of tank-meta, it was trading back and forth and people were actually working hard on their lanes to get above the enemy laner. Now adays most champions just one shots you right away, so it's basically just to be the quickest to one-shot the enemy to win the lane. 4. It's about 150 champions within the game but it's the same champions over and over in every game, people even flame others for taking Poppy / Wukong / Kalista cause they are so behind within the meta. 5. The community is so toxic and people flame eachother for every single thing they do and if you get above Gold 1, people think they are Pro-players and trying to control everybody while they are pitch perfect players. Everybody always says "just mute them if they are toxic", well ya... but mute everybody every game will first of all not giving you all the info you may need and is that really a fun game then.... when you always have to mute your team to not get flamed for everything you do. You can mute just the people that writes the stuff, but if they write it, it's already to late, you already seen it and you have to mute, then report and so on, spending more time thinking over that than playing the game. Most of my games everybody are between level 30-70 cause people make new accounts all the time, guessing why.... it's sad. 6. It seems like it's totally fine to int for the whole game on purpose and work around the system and really destroy and ruin the whole game for people, I mean.. going 1 / 14 on toplane with 5 "Long Swords" isn't really trying. They get no punishment for that, but if I say: "please kid, stop troll cause it's fking annoying" will then give me a chat restriction for being toxic because it's not sensitive and relaxed enough. I have to say "please my best friend, i don't want you to ruin my rank" which is pretty hard when the situation is what it is. 7. Games are over within 30 minutes and if you do one mistake in a teamfight after 25 minutes the game is lost and the whole team flames you, the game goes way too fast. If you get elder-drake you automatically win. 8. What's up with the "soft reset" on a new season? I mean, ive been Gold all the time and got Iron 3 after my placements even tho i won 6 out 10 games. My friend was Platinum 2 last season and got Bronze 3 after placements and he won 5 out of 10 games. Is that really a "soft reset"? I played over 100 games with 55% winrate and I'm not even back into gold again. Thanks for reading //Xhawarn
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