RIOT fix your system! Tired of players who wants to piss others off with not surrendering!

Just played a game where we every single lane was feeding, top/mid/bot, as jungler i was ahead of the other jungler with ganks and kills. But my laners kept dying 1v1 and 2v2. Then midlane just leaves the game because she didnt want to play more after she died 8 times. Our "botlane" was premade and also feeding. I tried to surrender at 15min 4/5 clicked yes. Then our "support" pyke see that poeple are getting frustrated and just to piss us off more he refuse to surrender even tho we had nearly no turrets to 3 inhibs down. They aswell up tons of kills and killing my team over and over again. Only reason he do not surrender is to piss others off and get them to tilt and most likely banned. Should this behavior be accepted? players wasting others time just to get them tilted and probably banned because one person wants to be a douchbag? Please Riot give me a option to just leave the game instead. Why do Riot keep allowing this behavior. and for those who think "oh but he thought the game was winnable or he wanted to have fun" no, he was killed over and over and the game was onesided and all we could do was keeping them from takign our nexus. He only clicked no to be a douchbag
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