Permabanned for being flexible?

I have just received a permaban for playing bot akali, only because a nasus main instalocked top? All they did was blame me for the first 10+ mins untill i started getting kills, then zed left at 13 mins and nasus was inting. I end up with most dmg and kills, yet 1 min later im the one with a permaban? The only curse word i used was "%%%% u thresh" because he stole my farm botlane? am i the only one who thinks the new system is really %%%%%%ed? Ps: I have been playing since s1 got 170ish skins. My first ban was a 14 day ban - this last year for using a homophobic slur (which i fully understand, even though i think its a bit tough). The funny part is i sit back and reminisce about the old days where there toxicity was almost a skill in itself. people talking shit all day and getting laughs from it. Nowadays its like people cant handle anything, kinda like the no bully policies. Am i the only thinking that swearing and thrashtalking has always been a part of online gaming and wondering why people are trying so hard to remove it? Maybe im just old school.. please share your thoughts on the subject :) PS. sorry for the bad english
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