Is the punishment after getting banned a bit too harsh?

Ok so I logged back into my account after my 14 day ban, I immediately received a message I had 75 game chat ban and a 35 game ranked ban (why do you even ban me for 14 days if I'm gonna get these bans anyway?) and if that's not enough all your honors get deleted, no season rewards. How do you expect us to "reform" to be a better player if you keep shitting all over us :/. It's actually giving those players more reason to continue doing what they do since they've basically lost everything, all that remains are my skins. heck I'd even open a new account if it weren't for the skins. I played around 10 games in which I received some honors, I was nice to everyone and upong seeing this I don't know if I should continue playing, pretty pointless. Seriously just cause I flamed doesn't make a some sort of murdered. all the hard work you put in gets deleted for no reason.
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