why do get banned for no reason....these are the reasons i got banned: XD rito(also the one who reported me was a troll varus mid who wont get banned because riot ban system is humans only bots{{champion:31}} In-Game me : nice me: 5 sec r me: i counted and nothing me : focus me and ezreal runs me : wow elo me : it is me : ff15 me: report morde gg me : flame me: ff 15 me: relax me: Xsa me : F me : gv ' me : G|qerg me: EF me : ewf me : Gf QR me : SF me : dsF me : this champ is idiot 1 q 350 dmg early me: kayn run me: best choise for assasin me : yes : i go full troll s : ff15 : ryze omg : ff20 : i dont want to loose time : xd : end this : i will give s to one who end this A : report kayn 0 ganks and complaining : like he is good : ryze thinks he is faker too : let them end : end : open Post-Game : so u were good : when zed was bot 4 times : where were u : wow : ss : nice : ezreal couldnt hit a minion with q me: it was ff15 anyway me : btw u were bade chats...i got 14 days and the reason
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