When team doesn't push

The most frustrating thing in League is when you lose a game which was so close to be won. When you lose a game where someone just played badly, it's understandable. But when no one comes to the objectives you are trying to take or no one even responds to your pings in anyway, you tilt. Usually when people lose these games they blame someone in their team for losing. The truth is everyone was making a mistake even the one who tried to push because he got caught easily. In these games (which are suprisingly common) the losing team is under a huge pressure and everyone is giving their best effort to the game while the team which has the advantage is playing recklessly and giving away free objectives and kills. So when team fights occur the advantage begins to fall to the other teams gold pool, they will take the win like a lollipop from a dead Poppy. This is a common aspect in many of my lost and won games here in silver, I don't know (or remember) what's the case in other ELOs. Please comment your thoughts and experiences, I want to learn.

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