Why people rage , let me explaine u

* So guys hello , Riot is one group of greedy and hungry people for euros and dollars not interested to make changes in game to people start to learn game how to play ranked and to change rage in community. First they let people to play ranked after 30 lvl :D ridicilus for this game u need to play much much more games maybe 500 in normal and 30 lvl is about 150 games i think so for 150 games people cant realize how games function they dont know nothing how to play and riot let them in ranked realy to much stupid from them and ofcorse half of players rage when in team have guy who dont wna to buy one ward . Second quieve picks how to not rage when example someone pick totally useless pick . ok everyone have right to play what they wna but players can change to wote in quieve to kick him if pick is not god for team so that player will get another quieve and maybe play that pick if players let him ,change quive rules let players decide with wote so no rage here no trols let players decide what is best no rage no flame no trolers no bad picks . Third system of mmr is totally bad because nvm if u gold plat u can always match make with bronze silver because of stupid mmr so i dont know why they have divisions when from plat u can get mach make with silver or bronze retarded totally stupid why then we get gold or plat to play with silver bronze >? haha nice manipulate from Riot really . And yes guys riot is only interested how to get more euros and dollars they make new skins new heroes but nothing to make game better and community to players feeling better .3 reason to vanish rage and trolers .

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