How about no? Backstory: I was playing Maokai vs Lux on All for One (you can imagine how that went... Spoiler warning: not well) One on our team (our team captain, ironically) started spamming "GROUP AS 5 AND WE WIN" Me: No, we won't. They want us to group. Captain: WE WIN JUST LISTEN GROUP AS 5 Me: Bad idea. They want us to. If we group it's 5x Q+E+R. We lose. Captain: shut up you're unranked Me: Unranked =/= unskilled Captain: 1v1 me i'm plat Me: Nah. That's for CoD. Captain: STFU TRASH muted Seriously, people? I don't really care about 1v1 nor about your rank. We - apparently - have the same MMR in normals/feautured game modes as we're on the same team. So, what'd our team captain do? Blame EVERYONE (except himself) for our loss. Despite him feeding the hardest, had the worst build AND refused to ward (ever). Among other things. How he hit plat is beyond me. In case you don't believe me: I had 1/6/4 (not good stats, I know, but I fought 1v2 in top as we had a jungler and they didn't). My end farm: 279. He had 2/13/? (I forgot his assists, but roughly twice my amount of deaths...) His end farm: 167. He put down 11 wards. I put down 22. He's plat and supposedly better than me, yet doesn't understand that split pushing is not only a viable tactic, it's actually what might make you win games if you can't teamfight...?
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