Dear RIOT your banning system SUCKS beyond reasons. Why you may ask? I will tell you, I just played a game against intentional feeding ahse that was running mid lane to our base from the moment the game started. I decided to check the game history of that person, what I found? This perosn is intnetionally feeding for 16 games now and is still not banned! 15 games with ashe and 1 game with jax. Thats way to much trolling, way to much. Most likley that person will destroy even more games after that. If thats the way your cheating detection works and everything else tehn this game is DOOMED. This shows how much you dont care about your playerbase. 16 games destoryed for 144 people, half of that was a bit more happy cause of free LP the other ones were not so happy. Very good system you have there that allows trolls to troll for days without any sign of punishment. [IMG]http://i63.tinypic.com/295zm8y.jpg[/IMG] I bookmarked that person on OP.GG and will be checking how many games that troll destroyed till any ban. ---UPDATE-- He is playing ATM with Ashe again, and played one game with Aatrox, that makes 18 games with intnentional feeding and still no ban. [IMG]http://i68.tinypic.com/3038il5.jpg[/IMG] --UPDATE2-- So he played 19 games with Ashe, 1 with Aatrox and one with Jax that makes it 21 intentional feed games so far. 21 broken games! While he should get banned or not allowed to enter ranked after 2 or 3 games like that. --UPDATE3-- No new games for 19 hours now, he either got finally banned or just got bored with trolling. Will be checking on him form time to time. Either way it took 21 broken games for system to work, and ban him, way to long. --UPDATE4-- He is using another account now, and still premade with Morgna and destroyed another 5 games on that second account so far. In 6 game atm. That guy must be really bored. I sent ticket to Riot support, awating replay. 6 game finished, with intentional feed, in 7 game atm. Reports do nothing. --UPDATE5-- Went up to 10 games on that second accont, all with ashe and all intentional feed. --UPDATE6-- Still 0 reaction to ticket I snet in the morning. Also went up to 12 games and currently playing 13 game on second account. --UPDATE7-- Games palyed form second account so far: [IMG]http://i63.tinypic.com/190dn9.jpg[/IMG] --UPDATE8-- 4 new games on the second account: [IMG]http://i63.tinypic.com/28gva68.jpg[/IMG] Riot answer to the ticket: Hello AstralDream, Thank you for this report! We can’t often take action on reports sent to us through tickets, but we created the Instant Feedback System to help us track when a player is consistently hurting others. Even if you couldn’t use the report feature for this game, please keep using it when you can. Reports you make provide us with valuable tracking information and help to escalate players to our attention for investigation. Each report brings violators of the Summoner's Code one step closer to punishment and, hopefully, toward reformed behavior. You’ll occasionally, but not always, get messages from the IFS letting you know that a player you reported has been punished. Keep reporting inappropriate behavior and we’ll make sure negative actions have consequences! Best regards. ------ Second ashe account may be banned now as Morgana is playing normal game now premade with some low level account that is using ashe. --UPDATE9-- Morgna is playing with one lvl29 account, also found another lvl30 account and already fed 3 games playing ashe the usual way from screenshots above. --UPDATE10-- More from RIOT support after linking them account with clear feed visible at first glance: Greetings Summoner, Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We will investigate the matter and take any action we deem necessary. Unfortunately, due to privacy reasons, I will be unable to provide you with any information regarding the outcome of the investigation. Thank you again for your report! Best regards. ------- Greetings AstralDream, Thank you again for your report. However, like I mentioned in my first reply, we don't normally take action on reports sent to us through tickets, but we created the Instant Feedback System to help us track when a player is consistently hurting others. As such, please use the report feature whenever you encounter such players and we will definitely give him a big "surprise". Best regards. ------- Up to now, leveled that account mentined earlier to 30, and destroyed 14 games in total using third account, all premade with that Morgana: [IMG]http://i67.tinypic.com/2py184m.jpg[/IMG] --UPDATE11-- Morgna playing premade with third account, that will make 17 games on intentional feed in total on third account. --UPDATE12-- More from RIOT support: Greetings AstralDream, The value of your report doesn't change based on the number of reports made. As such, as long as they are valid, action will be taken against the reported accounts. Also, the feedback message isn't sent very often, but that doesn't mean disciplinary measures are not issued based on your reports. Actually, a very small percentage of reports receive the message, so you don't have to worry, the system is working. If there's anything else that I can do for you, don't hesitate to ask. Best regards. -------- So now I wonder if reports are not based on value, then you can feed around 20 games before system takes action at all, as I dont belive people didnt report that feeding Ashe every game. --UPDATE13-- Third account went to 20 games of intentional feed and Morgna stopped playing premade with it, so the third account may be banned now. What's new is that Morgana got to bronze 5 and since the ban or third account morgna is playing SOLO and I mean playing like a pro with Chogath, like 10 CS per minute and lots of kills and all cool stuff like that, now how someone that is able to farm like a pro is in bronze 5? So all this feed was done by some bored smurf to get main account to bronze 5, and didn't care much about the 3 accounts that were used to feed to lose game. All of this was done on purpose just to get to bronze 5 and stomp poor bronzers. I think that Morgana should get banned as well, for losing on purpose and now he is not banned and playing against bronzers. Funny game.
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