B.O.T have entered the rift. Call all Riot personal!

Right, so I've encountered something very strange, and I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one. Bots have entered the rift. Someone is making bots and uses them ingame, which breaks the rule of "Third Party Program" Not only that, it's very easy to notice that they're infact bots. How you may ask? Look at their name. Most of them have "O1-10" in their names. They wait in the fountain for almost exactly 01:00 and they're also set to walk at the same speed as a minion. I'm asking all of you to get in contact with Riot and infrom them about this, and also, find any player that acts like a bot. These are the most obvious ones that makes them bots. *Be aware that they will need to have atleast 4 of this to be counted as a bot in my book.* 1. Instalocking 2. No comunitaction 3. Very robotic gaming behaviour 4. Non understandable builds 5. Rushing into the enemies without fighting back 6. Stops at almost every corner to calculate if they're to go another direction or keep moving I hope everyone understands the seriusness in this, let's help eachothers and get rid of these bots!
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