Pschological abuse in League of legends

I dont know what mental games you people are learning these days, but being such an @sshole to a person, to the point of that said person wanting to physically injure the said @sshole... I dont even know. Dont give me your sht about, "grow some fcking balls", no. YOU grow some fcking balls. THIS IS A COMMUNITY WERE SPORTMANSHIP IS DEMANDED. This is a community where BM players are punished, yet they still exist because they can exploit the punishment system. Physological warfare is not part of video games. Ever heard of fcking psychological abuse. Did you ever play a game where someone on porpuse **did** something or said something and literally made you explode for their pure excitment? Ever seen a player act like a fcking son of an a-hole just to make the other person flame and suffer? I dont care what you say, but that is psychological abuse, you are messing with a persons emotions, playing with their emotions, and no one can do sht about it, something that can be reported to the police. But because this is an online game and its the internet, people dont give a sht. Right now, i bet you´re laughing your @ss off, I wouldnt be surprised if you were. Riot im calling it right now, you need to fix this sort of negative influence. I dont know how on earth you´re going to do it, but I will not stand players who psychologically abuse others for pure enjoyment. And yes, this does exist. Its called cyber bullying. DOWN VOTE THE FCK OUT OF THIS THREAD. I dont care. MY message is sent.
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