Rework banning system, with this system no improvement in players behaviors

Banning system is too harsh and riot is losing his old players. we all are humans and we make mistakes, we are not robots, if make two mistakes we get permanent ban, for example if we have 1 bad game and have many deaths we get 14 days ban directly without any warnings, and if we do that mistake again we get permanent ban. we spend time and money on our accounts. we personalize our champions by buying skins and level up, and then riot bans. we make mistakes, we are not perfect. even riot and LOL are not perfect too, we see bugs in game, in game issues about champions, or making store and ranked games unavailable... i read everyday old players quit this game because they were playing since season 2 or 3 and now they are banned. there is no improvement in players behavior in this system. if they are banned they will quit or make another account and continue their bad behavior but i see players don't afk because afk doesn't have ban punishment and it has leaver busted and players try not to get this leaver busted. i think it is time for banning system rework. for example: for verbal abuse= 5 games chat restriction, 15 days chat restriction, 1 month chat restriction, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, then permanent chat restriction. and for other issues like feeding= 5 days ban,15 days ban, 1 month ban, 3 months ban, 6 months ban, 1 year ban, permanent ban. thank you riot if you consider my opinion.
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