I just deleted LoL because of the community in this game

I think that the community is the real problem in this game. It's not having too much champions, not having too little champions, not having too much skins or just a few of them. The client or whatever you think your problem is. None of those. I don't think that lowering the dmg on certain item will improve this game drasticly. I don't think that getting a shiny new client will improve this game at all. I don't think that removing normal draft will improve this game. I don't think that anything you have done in past few months to improve this game, will improve it at all. No it won't. The community will always be there to s*it on all of your works, so why don't you focus on it instead? I know I'm a low ELO player. I'm a bad player, hold your horses, I know that. I'm not feeding or anything, you can check my history, but I'm still not a challenger or anything. I'm just a random silver player who got fed up and tought enough is enough. Someone here will tell me like 'well if you are a good player you will get out of bronze and you won't meet toxic kids anymore hurr durr purr'. What if I tell you that someone can't escape low elo? Someone who is just an average player and he plays the game because he likes it, not to become a pro or anything. Just a casual player who doesn't care about going to master. There are a lot of those players. And RIOT, you don't give a s*it about us. - Our community is toxic 12 year old kids, what should we do next? - LET'S GET THEM A SHINNY NEW CLIENT, THAT WILL TEACH THEM. - Oh my god, best idea ever.
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