Plat players have the worst mentality-but riot what you doing???

I swear i got placed gold np easy climb slowly..without some tilted maniac. I reach plat hell coming. adc:"aaa i dont play just sayng" picking mundo I dont know why he said he 1 told nothing. jgl:"i troll idc"picks heimer "the system is shit" another game top:"idc about the game jgl is farming"he decides to just go enemy jgl and find enemy team dieng again and again he didnt give a %%%%..For no reason.We even carried him that game. I mean give me a break riot.This behavior should not exist and should be punished heavily.Evry game in plat there must be at least 1 player that tilt or troll for no reason.Absolutly no reason. So i ask how the %%%% they reached plat with that mentality?????????????And why dont you do something about it..I cant dodge all games.{{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
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