Mute/Ban System

Greetings , thank you for taking interest in my post. My topic of Discussion will be based on how the current Mute and Ban(suspension) System works. The motive for my discussion to follow will be based off of receiving a permanent Game suspension for Chat related reasons (being a toxic %%%%%). So to start off , I understand the system works with receiving a 5 game mute for toxicity , then a 25 game , then a 14 day suspension , then a permanent suspension (correct me if i'm wrong , Sorry). Anyways , I personally feel the CHAT restriction system should be adjusted. My suggestion would be putting a system of 5 game mute , 25 game mute , 100 game mute , then permanently muted in chat , as such you will be left with ping only related communication. I feel this would be much more fair on those people who tend to get a bit tilted through chat , but still maintain their cool throughout a playing perspective. The Question then comes: What if the players start intentionally feeding or trolling because they cannot rage at others to let out their anger? Well simple , Suspend those people , if they are actually affecting GAMEPLAY , then they should be restricted from playing the GAME. To put it into context , If someone were to troll in-game and got reported to a point of punishments needed , then would they be muted? I don't think so... But if someone is to be toxic in chat , Not affecting GAMEPLAY , then why ban them from the GAME. It seems only logical to me that punishments should be placed for what a player has done , it's similar to giving a low level crime committer a life sentence in prison , when they were really eligible for probation alone. I know the comments about the previous restrictions are considered the "probation" are coming , but do you really believe a few robberies to have the same magnitude as someone who murdered a person? I know I'm going off on a tangent , but you get the picture... Overall , I think People who mess up the GAMEPLAY should be banned from the GAME , and people who mess up the CHAT should be banned from the CHAT , I don't believe these separate offences should have relations to one another. Also just a bit of a pointer , why do we have a /mute command if we are going to ban people from chatting? If someone doesn't like the shit your talking about them , or don't want to hear your flaming , they have access to the /mute command , why not use it? Hope you can see where I'm coming from , before you go all social justice warriors on my ass. Regards, A toxic yasuo main (Just kidding , i'm shit at yasuo)
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