How one season might change ur look on things !

Hey there community, or whoever is bored enough to read this ;) So just a bit more then half a year ago, i decided to get to diamond and become a better player,after much frustration in soloque and a ton of games i don't even need to talk about. With effort i got where i wanted and still,i wasn't satisfied. With a lot of peopel being quite negative and such, i tried to become a better player, not just for my own enjoyment,but also for the community, after all somethings friendly might as well make some one elses day. On my way to become more friendly , I also had a lot more fun then before , I found more nice people to play with and am less frustrated when something bad happens. I think that if we try to be positive ,our effort will pay off, with fun , more wins and more people,who are enjoying our company. In the end , don't give up! If u are down and feel bad , try to take some time and then get back up. It might be just a game, but a game in it's simplest form, can still teach us something about live. Hang in there, it's not as bad as it may look ;) And if u still think ,that it does not pay off, try it and keep trying . Worst case scenario : U can show off ur badge. If u haven't seen one yet, well, take a look at mine ;) PS: I play mostly ranked, so even in such an enviroment it's possibel ;)
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