14-Day Suspension without warning.

I got a 14-Day suspension without warning or nothing. I got banned for 1 games worth of chat and I was playing with friends who jokingly reported me. I've made a ticket about it and I've gotten way more upset then I was in the beginning. I just want to hear other peoples opinion on it because it doesn't make sense to me. My ticket responder told me I was a severe case so I didn't get a warning before I was put on a 14-day restriction. https://gyazo.com/b720732a97b3814076c6151bffb5806c I said f*ggot two times and I said a*s once. Call me toxic, but I do not think this is worth a 14-day restriction WITHOUT warning depending on the other stuff I have seen on the rift which never got banned. I think I deserve a Chat Ban or ATLEAST A WARNING for an increasing amount of reports on my account, which I contacted Riot Support about but they only gave me more questions, so I wanted to ask the community. Sorry if I come off as a toxic player, I'm not usually, but this game was after I sat up an entire night with friends, and we were all a bit drowsy. Not to defend myself for such behaviour, but if you want an explanation there it is. This is my first ban or restriction of any kind. I have not gotten a warning before this.
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