So many scripters in ranked games ;)

Hello, i am a Platinium IV , and i am playing only with my smurf (Actually Silver), i noticed a nice thing. Ranked games are full of scripter ;) . Last game i played, a Draven catched PERFECTLY every single axe (with a Nunu slow applied, trynda slow, ryze w ecc.) and ended the game 16 2 (after the game he said he to %%%,) . Now, looking other games he played, he plays too Cassiopeia, Ryze, Xerath, and end with scores like 10 1, 20 3, ecc. I can't post his name on forum, and, is like the 4th time i reported him in 3 weeks. Riot doesn't care about scripters?, just this year i found about 57 Scripters (With all videos, stats ecc.), and are all still online. {{champion:103}}
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