wishing a more strict ban policy

nowadays where this game has gotten so much more into a team game and one person cant carry an entire team, i think its time to reconsider the fact that many people (mostly in ranked) tend to troll when they meet a challenge. because of the fact that one mad guy can lose you the game but one good guy cant get you the win, i think that we as a community should have more ways to make sure that the people who give the game a bad name gets a fair punishment for leaving a game or charging into the enemy team with 6 belts as adc. i would suggest that we could get to view the chat after the game and send segments with our reports if a player has been toxic enough to deserve it. also i dont know if its a thing yet, but lower prioritized ques for people with many reports would also be a good idea, i see a lot of games who have done this already and it makes the experience so much better. though i know it would be tough to pull through it seems like a very good solution. hope you can see where im trying to get with this post, pls dont be too toxic in the comments ;)
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