permanent suspension?

So Guys, explain to me why this is a permanent suspension reason..... if i won't O will be forced to feed and troll every single game I play because thats the only way you don't get a ban in this system. Also if I could I would like my account back (as done with tyler1) Game 1 In-Game 4BLAZE2IT0: dude 4BLAZE2IT0: let me play my lane 4BLAZE2IT0: ffs 4BLAZE2IT0: wep 4BLAZE2IT0: i dont know why you have heal yuumi 4BLAZE2IT0: but it is not the way to go 4BLAZE2IT0: dude 4BLAZE2IT0: she engaged 4BLAZE2IT0: we had nothing to get out 4BLAZE2IT0: xDD 4BLAZE2IT0: you are a troll dude 4BLAZE2IT0: fun 4BLAZE2IT0: instantly go for skill 4BLAZE2IT0: you have 0 4BLAZE2IT0: LOL 4BLAZE2IT0: nami lvl 7 4BLAZE2IT0: yuumi lvl 5 4BLAZE2IT0: nami is so bad and yet they win that lane 4BLAZE2IT0: xD 4BLAZE2IT0: owh wow yuumi so cool 4BLAZE2IT0: you had a better team 9 days ago 4BLAZE2IT0: and you be like 4BLAZE2IT0: i am so cool you suck boohooo 4BLAZE2IT0: cant do shit lol have no sums 4BLAZE2IT0: xD 4BLAZE2IT0: keep talking dude 4BLAZE2IT0: you are the most toxic player i have seen in a while 4BLAZE2IT0: yeah 4BLAZE2IT0: now its all my bad 4BLAZE2IT0: you falmed 4BLAZE2IT0: xD 4BLAZE2IT0: report yuumi flaming me and now say i am tilting her xD 4BLAZE2IT0: you have 2 supports 4BLAZE2IT0: i have none 4BLAZE2IT0: kaisa 4BLAZE2IT0: flash in me backline 4BLAZE2IT0: my team troll me 4BLAZE2IT0: kaisa flash on me in backline 4BLAZE2IT0: and entire team flaming me xDDD 4BLAZE2IT0: yuumi 4BLAZE2IT0: can you maybe 4BLAZE2IT0: stay on me 4BLAZE2IT0: no 4BLAZE2IT0: because 4BLAZE2IT0: lee 4BLAZE2IT0: came from behind 4BLAZE2IT0: and you 4BLAZE2IT0: are trolling 4BLAZE2IT0: PEEK NE 4BLAZE2IT0: mid is being pushed 4BLAZE2IT0: by 3 super waves 4BLAZE2IT0: all muted 4BLAZE2IT0: 0 knowldge only flame 4BLAZE2IT0: again i save the day 4BLAZE2IT0: lee goin full dps xD This was my last game by the way... Game 2 In-Game 4BLAZE2IT0: AMERICAN SNIPER 4BLAZE2IT0: lol 4BLAZE2IT0: pressed heal 4BLAZE2IT0: ? 4BLAZE2IT0: better mid wins] 4BLAZE2IT0: report ryze please this guy is hard eloboosted] 4BLAZE2IT0: 1 5 4BLAZE2IT0: im ad not jumping in 4BLAZE2IT0: you did nothing 4BLAZE2IT0: LMAO 4BLAZE2IT0: i would die 4BLAZE2IT0: to 3 man on me 4BLAZE2IT0: dude u are special boosted 4BLAZE2IT0: monkey 4BLAZE2IT0: Lol 4BLAZE2IT0: nice 4BLAZE2IT0: top and mid inting 4BLAZE2IT0: dude ask my team mid made solo lose 4BLAZE2IT0: just playu please! 4BLAZE2IT0: im in promo 4BLAZE2IT0: report this mid 4BLAZE2IT0: hard elobooted flamer Post-Game 4BLAZE2IT0: unlucky coinflip This was a game yesterday morning.

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