How I became a toxic Player (All of you should read this...)

(I apologise for my english, but I'm pretty sure you will understand) Hello, I never ever logged into the Forums nor would I have imaging doing it. But I like to give RIOT a Feedback on how I became a Toxic Player. Maybe, they will read it, maybe they will learn something from it. **I got my first 14 days ban for...** 1. using the word "moron" once ( I got this from Al Bundy (Married with children ~1986) 2. quoting others players words 3. asking my Team to not doing my farm so I can stack (I was playing Veiger) 4. after Ziggs-Support didn't placed a single ward after 30 mins and told me to %%%% off myself, i told him to %%%% off **Short about myself** I came back from a break. The Game was starting to make fun again. They put a lot of work into it. I got a Plat 2 Elo last Season before I went off (Endet up Gold 1 and the End due to inactivity). I usually picking Mid/Jgl and try my Best to carry the Team. **So how did I got into Cristiano Ronaldo Mode and insulted my own Teamplayers?** I constandly getting Firstpick Mid. When I reach the Promos, I constandly getting Teammates from "outta Space". It is like the System knows exactly, which Players will make my Promos to a Hardmode. I'm talking about these Players, who are yelling "open mid" after they gave Fistblood to the enemy after 3 mins Gametime. After they died another 2 times, they just leave the game. Players, who are saying "first time Yasuo" and they mean it. Players, who don't know a single "Rule" of League (for exthamble: how to farm under your tower, if you are hard behind). When you ask these Players to do there supposed Job, they tell me to do it myself. If I would buy the Support-Item to place Wards, everybody would yell "Report this troll"...?! I started this Account from Bronze 5 and believe me, some of these "B5 dudes" are playing better then most Gold 5 - Gold 3 Players right now. (= the Boosting-Problems) After 1-3 Times a Player declines the Invite to a game, I automatically get Support, the Role where I cannot carry much, when the enemy Midlaner is 10:0 after 15 mins... The biggest part is, that the Players can allmost do whatever they want. They can play full troll and nobody can do anything about it. There is no punishment for playing super bad anymore. **The attitude is the problem**. We all know, that the Internet is a place where you can have a big mouth. The anonymity is a save wall. I'm currently on my holidays and (for exthamble) I made 16 Games yesterday. 2 out of 16 Games were "stressfree". The Rest was a pain in the a... Now think about that fact, repeat it for the last 5 Days and how frustrating it is. You are working hard and of course, I do my mistakes aswell (Insulting someone was a mistake too). I know I shouldn't have insulted this Ziggs-Player, but he will keep playing and I got the 14 days(!!!!!) Ban ... I feel no justice here... What do you think?
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