I quit this game

Hi everyone, today is my last day on league. I know you don't really care cause I'm unknown by the community but i still wanted to share with you guys, the reason wich made me quit. The community on this game is clearly the worst community I've ever seen. Rude people who flame a lot, rage quit or even troll. I'm pissed of. Even in normal games it's like that and that's really annoying. To be honnest i was a bit like that when i first began the game, but now that I'm grown up, my mentality isn't the same anymore and i want to have fun even in the lost so why is the community still so toxic. When i play in normal and i try to do something i saw earlier on a stream and it failed because it's the first time i try it, why do I get flame by my whole team. We are in normal, it is made for try things .-. I have played this game for 4 years now and i wanted to play more of it but even my friends who play this game flames me if i fail, i mean WTF. The game itself isn't very enjoyable anymore in my opinion. 2 years ago i could play at league alone, but the last years i couldn't, i couldn't find this game fun if i was alone, but as i said up there, my friend began to flame and being toxic so i didn't want to play with them anymore. That's only my personal thoughts so if you don't agree with me just let me know, I'd like to see what are your feeling about that. Goodby league and thatks for those 4 years An Unkown Player
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