permanently suspended ((T_T))

Hello all .... i played for 3 years in this game ..i didn't see any kinda of hacks... bugs maybe . i never had ban. maybe ones and it was 4 been AFK riot ban me 4 one day . and now i get ((permanently suspended)) for using hacks After more then 3000 games between winning and losing and spending time and money riot employee don't care about there players's just business to them ..that's what he said to me : [[[[I know that this account means a lot to you but we will not be lifting or otherwise modifying the perma-ban of this account]]]].. with all due respect it easy for u to say that u didn't spend 3 years and money in account then get banned and with not even warning message for riot employee this is my ((REQUEST #19312528)) if u want to help for game players if u know the name of hacks that players use in the game plz type the name TY
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