Pleas try to make it clear...

Only been playing around 2 months... Someone randomly telling me "reported" after some joke or some other shiet... What kinda joke is that??? It's not remotely funny or anything. If it is one... I have seen so much mofos this past day I say to chat pane to them "you finally got killed" or some other shiet like saying "haha" to them... Im not a serious person but it really bugs me since it's been stacking up so much these past days... Do people actually report, is it an offence?? I just end up telling them to start getting a social life since they can't clearly distinguish a joke. I mean it may be wrong from my side... But just saying "reported" is so vague you don't get told that anywhere without it being a serious one than what I say which is clearly sarcastic.. And advice on egotistic players pls... The ones who have to go to all chat to excuse themselves on how they died and all other bs that comes with it~ I just tell them that they don't have to excuse themselves and everyone dies... Who are they trying to prove themselves to and that they make it obvious they don't have a life outside this. -_-;) Any better advice???
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