Banned for toxic behaviour. Probably deserved a ban. But a permaban?

A few months ago I was perma banned due to toxic behaviour. I probably deserved a ban, but I think giving me a perma ban was a bit too much. It's literally impossible to play for me without trying to be strict to these small kids, accusing me of feeding and stuff. One of the games they showed me in my ban report thingy was a game where two people on my team followed me around, ran into my lane to die and griefed the whole game. Therefore, I got angry, and I said some ''bad'' things to them. Do they get punished? No. Do I? Yes, because I tried to tell them to cut their crap. The second game was literally the same. Toxic behaviour is not the worst thing there is, is it? Why do they not just mute the toxic players, instead of banning them? It's not like anyone ever tries to communicate at all anyways.. I'm not kidding when I say that every game I join has a troll. Either on my team, or the opponents team. And I can't stand it just sitting there and not doing anything.. Would you say that it's fair to recieve a perma ban due to this? Edit: Just going to add this in. In champ select, in EVERY game I played, I warned all the players about my temperament, by saying: ''I'm going to be mad at all of you if you do something stupid, but please, don't hate. Just mute me.'' Edit: Is it legal to use my smurf, even though I'm banned? I know people do it, but isn't this some way of avoiding the ban? Edit: FUNNY! READ! The last game I played before I got banned I was playing Udyr. I was 17-0-0. My team had no assists, whatsoever, but the score was still 17-30 or so. Do you know who my team blamed for loosing? Guess what. me. Quote: ''Report udyr for shitty player and no ganks.'' At that point I lost it. haha.

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