Permanent Ban With No Previous Bans

I received a permanent ban after a 25 game chat restriction on my NA account and when i submitted a ticket wondering why i didn't get a 14 day ban instead i got an automated or copy and paste reply that didnt answer a single question i asked. Yes i was toxic , but its not like i was using racial slurs or hate speech or anything just regular toxicity (ie. noob team , useless team). I really want to know what I did that warranted a permanent ban right after a chat restriction while other people talk about getting banned 3 times before getting permanently suspended. It just feels really unfair I feel cheated. I realize that I was toxic and I realize that riot can ban anyone whenever they want but to ban someone directly after a chat restriction with no previous bans and only one chat restriction seems a bit harsh, and support as i mentioned gave me a cookie cutter answer, completely disregarding every question I asked. I guess id just like a riot employee (review my case if youre able to please :/) or somebody knowledgable to tell me why is it that i received a permanent ban without having any prior bans and only two chat restrictions throughout the accounts whole history. I have contacted support and got a cookie cutter answer that i feel might have been automated or copy pasted because it completely disregarded all questions i asked. thanks.
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