Suggestion to Riot.(Does this count ass harassment?)

I have bad net (lag spikes) and i sometimes lose games only cause of that. But ik thats not riot fault so i just want to write something about it. When i get killed cause i couldnt move,i get angry for a second and type in chat bullshite like "damn u lucky i had laggs" . Then this happens...It tilts me more than anything when enemy instead of thinking: "im lucky to have good net" or "ahh it happens" they go full as*hole mode and type "yeah cry more","ure just unskilled/noob","ofc hahaha". Riot please do something about this thing,start doing something about that behaviour,its really annoying. Have some respect to ppl with shite net. _Ingame suggestion: Improve your disconnecting system,when somebody get lag spike(isnt responding to server,you rito know that stuff better :P) start moving him to base instantly,even if hes under attack. Like it pisses me so much when i stay in lane for 30 secs frozen,unable to move then syndra bombards me with her full combo and i die..._ Please don't ignore this,thanks for reading.{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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